The New Normal?

Was speaking to a designer on the phone today, and the subjects of spec work and CrowdSPRING came up. (Yes, I linked to them.) He was frothing at the mouth, and I while I agreed with some of his points, I think that we need to take a minute and breathe.

Budgets are shrinking, and there are a lot of posts on “job boards” of every stripe asking for cheap/practically free work. This is the reality. However, there’s still a market for good design. If I felt C&W was in the $150 logo or $400 website business, I’d close shop.

I completely agree with a fellow named Andrew Hyde. He posted this on his fine site some time ago, and I think he nails it.

You get what you pay for. Show me a really well-designed site that has some REAL functionality and content — that’s not going to be a $400 site. Same goes for print and identity work. Some of the comments to Hyde’s post talk about the work they’ve seen on CrowdSPRING, and a lot of it is, objectively speaking, awful.


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