An example of stealing code & design

The code used to create Microsoft’s Chinese microblogging service, Juku, was brazenly copied by the outside vendor MS hired. I don’t include this post to rag on MS, but because the screen shots show a classic example of what happens when an unethical designer/developer decides they can’t be bothered. I hope the guys at Plurk get justice. From Plurk’s blog

We were first tipped off by high profile bloggers and Taiwanese users of our community that Microsoft had just launched a new Chinese microblogging service that looked eerily similar to Plurk. Needless to say we were absolutely shocked and outraged when we first saw with our own eyes the cosmetic similarities Microsoft’s new offering had with Plurk. From the filter tabs, emoticons, qualifier/verb placement, Karma scoring system, media support, new user walkthroughs to pretty much everything else that gives Plurk its trademark appeal, Microsoft China’s offering ripped off our service. See for yourself: (Microsoft MClub on top, Plurk on bottom).


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