Another poster post

Went to Phillip Williams Posters on 122 Chambers St. yesterday. Definitely worth checking out. I’ve walked by a few times, but I waited to go in until I could go with someone who would enjoy looking through all of the vintage prints, posters, silkscreens, etc. as much as I. The store has thousands of posters. The place seemed really disorganized, but I could tell by watching the proprietor interact with the customers that he knew where everything was.

The pic is of one of the many Polish posters I saw that I liked. About a year ago MoMA had a very small installation of Polish poster art. The Polish Poster School created a lot of fantastic work.

In 1968 the first poster museum in the world was opened in Warsaw. Two years earlier, Poland had held the First International Poster Biennial, which for many years was the most prestigious event of its kind. The proximity of those two events was no coincidence. At that time, Poland was known for being the centre of “wall and board” art. Its distinct character and artistic value meant that the world soon began to speak of the Polish poster school.

The school emerged in the late 1950s, when, after years of Social Realism being all-pervasive in art, Polish artistic life suddenly became much more exciting. Although success is usually dependent on many factors, we can safely say that the Polish poster school has one person to thank – the painter, drawer and graphic artist, Henryk Tomaszewski.


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