A look at the sketchbook of the woman who “gave computing a human face”

Susan Kare: You may never have heard of her, but anyone who’s used a computer should thank her. Here’s a link to a blog that provides some really interesting background.


Proprietary, open-source, licensed?

Good article over at printmag’s blog about things to consider when choosing — or helping your client choose — a CMS. Could be valuable reading for a client who’s unsure about some of the fundamentals and pros and cons about each option.

The hits just keep coming

Another week, another issue with privacy and info security at Facebook. Posted yesterday on Symantec’s site …

Third parties, in particular advertisers, have accidentally had access to Facebook users’ accounts including profiles, photographs, chat, and also had the ability to post messages and mine personal information.


Great article by David Carr in The New York Times about the tech loop that keeps people from TRULY interacting.

But even more remarkably, once the badge-decorated horde spilled into the halls or went to the hundreds of parties that mark the ritual, almost everyone walked or talked with one eye, or both, on a little screen. We were adjacent but essentially alone, texting and talking our way through what should have been a great chance to engage flesh-and-blood human beings.

Tech overload

Long but fascinating article in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

In Turkle’s view, many of us are already a little too cozy with our machines—the smartphones and laptops we turn to for distraction and comfort so often that we can forget how to sit quietly with our own thoughts. In that way, she argues, science fiction has become reality: We are already cyborgs, reliant on digital devices in ways that many of us could not have imagined just a few years ago.

Verizon iPhone

Just a few weeks away.

Word Lens!